Son With Down Syndrome Has A Surprise Delivery For Him, Yells ‘Oh My God’ When He Rips Into It

Ollie Doerr has Down Syndrome. He’s tackled it head on with the strong love and support from his brother Tom. However, Tom’s been away from home for the past year and Ollie hasn’t seen his brother since he left.

Ollie missed his big brother more than anything. The feeling was mutual.

Since Tom was so far away, Ollie was under the impression he wouldn’t be home for Christmas. Little did he know a surprise was afoot… and it was in the form of a delivery waiting for him on the doorstep.

At first, Ollie was confused by the giant cardboard box that showed up for him. His mom called him downstairs and told him he could open it… but it was far too heavy to bring inside.

This is the heartwarming video of when Ollie discovers the big surprise waiting for him:

“His reaction was priceless and I’m so happy I was able to spend the holidays together,” Tom said.

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