Haters Say He’s Not ‘Hot’ Enough For His Girlfriend, Then He Reveals A Drastic Change

For years, Brandon and Clara Belle were the epitome of “opposites attract.” While she was always rocking a glammed-up look with faux fur and polished nails, Brandon was always much more low-key. He rarely left the house in anything other than T-shirts and jeans, and he kept his brown

7-Year-Old Goes To Disney World With Her FOUR Parents, But Their T-Shirts Leave People In Awe

When 7-year-old Maddie went to Disney World with her dad and stepmom, Joe and Brianna Hawkey, she never expected to see her birth mom and stepdad there as well. Tiffany and Luke Bankert, Maddie’s other parents, were at Disney World too — all her parental figures wanted to celebrate

He Tries To Abduct Child Right In Front Of Dad. Sounds So Wrong But I’m With Him

Loving parents often take their kids to the park to let them run around, burn off some energy and just have fun. But in today’s age, it’s very common that we see parents just sitting back looking at their phone instead of paying attention to their kids. In a

Guy Tests His Girlfriend To See If She’ll Cheat With Gym Instructor But It Completely Backfires

There’s a controversial channel on YouTube that’s known for working with viewers who ask for help to test their partner’s faithfulness. They put together a plan and then see if the partner will fall for the trap. In one test, a guy (who’s already set on breaking up with

Down Syndrome Son Is Rejected Right Before Prom. But When A Stranger Shows Up, Mom Loses It

Daniel, 17, had always dreamt of going to his homecoming dance at school. Sadly, he was turned down by all the girls he asked. You see, Daniel has Down Syndrome and has felt the effects of being stigmatized by his peers. That’s when a 10th grader named Kylie stepped

Nasty Stranger Called This Teen Fat So Her Boyfriend Taught Her A Lesson She’ll Never Forget

Meet Tre Booker and Madison – a completely adorable couple that just recently attended their school prom… Before heading to the dance they stopped to snap a few pictures, which Madison later shared on Twitter. But then she received an unpleasant comment, completely unprovoked from a stranger: Madison responded

Rude Husband Criticizes Wife After Delivery, Then Doctors Are Stunned By Wife’s Reaction

Dr. Brian Snyder, an emergency surgeon, was walking outside the hospital doors when he saw a screaming woman in a truck parked out front. The woman was going into labor and he knew there wasn’t time to get her inside the hospital – so he prepared the birth right

Mean Girls Play Homecoming Prank On Teen, Then 2 Friends Teach Her Bullies A Lesson In Kindness

In 2014, a group of unnamed students at Grand Prairie High School in Texas played a horrible joke on an innocent classmate. They told a senior named Lillian Skinner that she’d been nominated for homecoming court. Lillian was ecstatic — but it was all just a cruel prank. She

Nasty Teacher Bullies Students For 10 Years So This Guy Decides To Teach Her A Lesson

Nothing makes high school more of a miserable experience than a terrible teacher. We all had that one class that we dreaded walking into because we knew they’d be there. This former student was bullied by his algebra teacher throughout his school years, but decided to put an end

Girl Waves To Cop Every Morning. When She Misses A Day, His Gut Tells Him To Go In The House

Klynn Scales did not have a very happy childhood. She grew up in a home filled with drugs and violence. There were many days where she resorted to stealing food from the nearby 7-Eleven just to keep her two brothers fed. When Klynn was 9, she met a police