This guy’s neighbor bought a new floodlight. Who Knew It Would Start World War 3? LOL

It’s not unusual for neighbors to have conflicts, in fact it’s quite common. Sometimes those conflicts are large and at other times, they’re just small annoyances to both parties. What happened between Justin Flecker and David Thorne is just plain hilarious, as David shared their email exchange over a

This Guy Thought He’d Never See His Dog Again. Then He Followed This Tip And Found His Best Friend.

All dog owners NEED to see this. This is a professional tip used to help reunite many lost dogs with their families. Please share this to help more families find their missing doggy family members.

This Man Got Mugged At A Train Station. What He Did Next Was Genius.

This is an amazing story for many reasons – a crime was committed and instead of fighting back, Julio extended love and grace to his attacker in a way which is rarely seen in today’s world. We know there are going to be doubters who read this so we’ve

A 14 Year Old Wrote A Simple Poem…With A Hidden Message. When You Realize It, You’ll Be Stunned.

Derek posted a photo of his 14 year old brother’s poem on Twitter and it blew up instantly with over 100,000 retweets in less than 24 hours. As you read it, it seems gloomy and sad about a society obsessed with career and money, but wait till you see

How Did He Do This For Over 20 Years And No One Knew Till Now? My Heart Just Melted.

I thought I knew true love but this changed everything. For the past 20 years, a man named Roque ‘Rocky’ Abalsamo did something every single day that is simply heart shattering. In 1993, his wife, Julia ‘Julita’ Echeverria, sadly passed away after 35 years of a wonderful and happy

This Man Is Getting A Divorce In 2014. Sounds So Wrong…But I’m Totally With Him On This.

Jarrid is a husband, pastor, author, and blogger. Recently, he wrote a shocking public confession on his blog – after I saw it, I admit I have to agree. He writes: “Why I’m Getting a Divorce in 2014. Before you start assuming I will be leaving my wife, let