A Homeless Person Gets $100 And Goes Straight To The Liquor Store. But I Love It

A popular YouTuber called Josh Paler Lin conducted an experiment – what if he gave $100 to a starving homeless man. How would he spend the money?

Josh came up to a homeless man standing by a motorway in Los Angeles, gave him $100 and then walked away. What the homeless man didn’t know was that Josh followed the homeless man in secret to see what he’d do with the money.

What he ended up filming stunned him, and it may change how you look at homeless people.

(Source: Josh Paler Lin

The homeless man’s name is Thomas and he was down in the gutter. He quit his job to take care of his ill parents. Sadly, he lost both of his parents in the last few months due to cancer and sickness. Without a job and a regular source of income, he lost his home and found himself on the street. Even though he had basically nothing, he still managed to help others when he received something.

This is an incredible act of kindness and generosity. I’m blown away by Thomas’ selfless act to help others even when he could barely help himself.

We hope this changes the way you see homelessness and people in need. Most of us have much more than we really need,. If you are able to help support someone else financially, emotionally or physically, please do so.

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