She Decided To Tattoo Half Of Her OWN Face. The Result Is Shocking

When we hear of people tattooing their face, to be honest most of us see it as a negative thing. Maybe it reminds you of Mike Tyson and his odd facial tattoo or maybe you’ll think how much harder it’ll be to get a job. Of course there’s also the fact that you’ll have a permanent tattoo of whatever you chose on your face FOREVER. Sounds odd but what if I told you a person could get their face tattooed and you probably wouldn’t even notice it? When you hear their reasons, it will make sense and you might even be inspired by them.

Maybe it’s time to stop automatically assuming facial tattoos are a bad decision on the whole. This brave woman had her face tattooed and her life significantly improved. Her tattoos served an incredible purpose, one that we can all support and be proud of.

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