This Guy Dresses Up As Iron Man And Does Something Out Of This World

Professional costume designer Chris Miller spent a few days non-stop building a custom, realistic Iron Man costume. Already, that’s pretty amazing. However, what he has been doing with it is even more awesome.

Chris has been using it to cheer up Iron Man’s smallest fans, free of charge. He visits children’s hospitals, parties, schools and more, just to bring smiles and laughter to the faces of children. His aim is to make the lives of these children better, especially when things can see pretty bleak for the kids. He doesn’t charge for coming out, not even for his expenses. That’s why we think Chris Miller is a real superhero just like Iron Man.

The initial reaction makes it all worth it.

A photoshoot with Iron Man junior.

A photo shoot with the smallest Ironman.

Nothing cheers up sick kids like a visit from a superhero!

Iron Man making a hospital visit.

Giving some of the nurses some life-saving tips

Turns out Iron Man likes shopping malls too!

The hero behind the mask

Iron Man and his mini-me

Major respect to this amazing man for bringing so much joy and smiles to these children. Please share this with your friends if you think this man is brilliant too!