3 Young People Were Sent to Clothing Factories In Cambodia. What They Saw Was Horrifying

Most of us know what a “sweatshop worker” is – it’s a slang term for workers who work in difficult, dangerous conditions and/or be paid a wage that is very, very low. But have you really seen what life is like?

This short 1 minute video is a glimpse into the life of the hands and feet that make the clothes of numerous clothing brands.

Watch it and see the shocking reality.

This is from a Norwegian reality show called “Sweatshop” which sent three young people to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to experience first-hand the lives of the city’s textile factory workers. You can watch the remainder of the series on their website.

This is certainly a wake up call. Next time you’re shopping, please be more aware of which shops you get your clothes from – and the people behind the scenes. If it’s possible in your area, please help support these workers by buying responsibly made clothes.

Please share this eye-opening insight into the sweatshops of Cambodia with your friends and family today. Change starts with you and me.