This Actress’ Life Changed Forever When She Received An Unexpected Facebook Message

Samantha Futerman is an aspiring actress living in Los Angeles. Her life was fairly normal when she suddenly received a Facebook message out of the blue from a stranger called Anaïs Bordier, a fashion designer from Paris. It reads:

Message on Facebook

Samantha suddenly realized there was someone born in the same Korean town, on the same day. The question came into her head: “what if there’s another you out there?”

After endless hours of talking on Skype, they started to believe that they were actually related. They decided to meet up face to face in London. The first thing they did? They poked each other’s face… to make sure the other was real!

This is a touching video of their story and I’m just blown away.

Samantha and Anaïs both agree that since meeting each other, they have a stronger belief in family. They’ve discovered they have the same laugh and the same freckled cheeks. They wear their hair the same way and share a hatred of cooked carrots, a love for the exact same color nail polish and the need to sleep 10 hours a day. They tease and play with each other like they’ve grown up together, but they didn’t.

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