After He Says His Vows To His New Wife, He Turns To Another Lady. Sounds Wrong But I Love It

When Brian asked Whitney to marry him, he knew it was a big decision but not what you’d expect. When Brian read his vows to Whitney, it left her in tears of joy and emotion. However, Brian then did something that left the bride and friends stunned.

You see, Brian knew that as well as marrying Whitney, he would also be accepting her daughter, Brielle, into his life. After Brian read his vows to his new wife, he then turned to Brielle and read a specially prepared vow just for her.

Watch the amazing video below, the beautiful vows to Brielle starts at 3:56 but we recommend watching it from the start to hear Brian’s vows to Whitney and their story.

It looks like Brian, Whitney and Brielle are off to a perfect start as a new family. It’s hard not to get teary eyed watching them give their vows and sweet promises to each other.

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