Come And Look Closely. You Could Easily Miss Her Secret

This mother takes some captivating photos of her daughter but if you don’t look closely, you could easily miss what she’s hiding behind her back. Here’s a tip: read all the way through and look closely at her arms.

Welcome to my special wonderland.
daughterphotos1Holly Spring

Friends are always welcome here.
daughterphotos2Holly Spring

Where we play all day long.
daughterphotos3Holly Spring

And have fun masquerade parties in the evening.
daughterphotos4Holly Spring

Come with me to a place where the sky and the sea meet.
daughterphotos5Holly Spring

Where imagination reigns supreme.
daughterphotos6Holly Spring

And we can dance on clouds.
daughterphotos7Holly Spring

Even the trees want to join in our dance.
daughterphotos8Holly Spring

And sometimes, really big friends will come and play.
daughterphotos9Holly Spring
(Photographer’s note: this image was flipped to keep the continuity of light in the series)

This wonderland is indeed a special place for us.
daughterphotos10Holly Spring

Now I’m sharing my secret wonderland with you.
daughterphotos11Holly Spring

Holly Spring’s daughter was born with Hirschsprung’s Disease that affects her digestive system, and no left hand. At only 2.5 months old, Violet had to undergo an urgent serious surgery and almost died in the process. Afraid to lose her daughter and wanting to capture memories, Holly says “she really has inspired me to be a photographer.” And out of that, what magic has come.”

Holly set out to portray her daughter, 4 year-old Violet Spring in the most beautiful, innocent and whimsical fashion letting Violet’s own “character and wonder” shine through. Holly wanted to show her daughter that despite her illness and disability, she “can be anything and do anything she wants.”

A lot of love goes out from us at Upmoments to this amazing photographer mom Holly Spring and her daughter Violet. These photos are just amazing, if you’d like to see more, please visit their website.

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