He Finds His Wife Crying In The Bedroom. Then He Realizes The Shocking Truth

This husband sneaks out at night and his wife follows him without him knowing. If that sounds bizarre, I don’t blame you. She doesn’t do it because he thinks he’s up to no good. In fact, she does it because she loves him.

This short film really touched me – it’s only 5 minutes but you’ll wish it were longer once you start. Once I knew what was happening, it gave me butterflies in my tummy.

This amazing wife shows us the truth behind unconditional love. The short film is called CoPilots as the creators want to remind everyone that we always need a copilot in love, through the good times and bad. It was created by the Jubilee Project, a non-profit organization that aims to tell uplifting and inspiring stories to help bring positive change in the world. If you liked this, here’s another short video by the same people that really touched me: Blind Devotion.

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