He Told This News Caster To Shut Up Because She’s A Woman. Her Response Is Genius

A female TV host was conducting an interview with a Muslim scholar from London when things took a turn for the worst. Her guest was invited to discuss the recent wave of Christians joining ISIS but he started rambling about history instead. Running out of time, TV host Rima Karaki tried to get the interview back on track but her guest started getting very aggressive and rude. He told her it was beneath him to be interviewed by a woman and that she should shut up. Understandably shocked, she took a moment to compose herself then unleashed this!

We recommend watching the full video to see how she patient she is but if you want to skip straight to the action, it starts at 1:04.

That really put him deservedly in his place. Clearly this man forgot the memo to show love and respect to his fellow human beings. In case he forgets again, we quote our TV host heroine:

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