He Was Supposed To Die According To His Parents. Instead, He Brought The Judges To Tears

Emmanuel Kelly hasn’t had it easy. He was born during the chemical war in Iraq and was left abandoned in a shoe box to die. Due to the deadly chemicals, Emmanuel was born with severely underdeveloped limbs. He was luckily discovered by some passing nuns and adopted by Moira Kelly in 1998 and taken to Australia.

Years later, Emmanuel was on stage of X-Factor to audition. His mother was watching from the side and when Emmanuel talks about his past, a heart stopping moment occurs. Once he starts singing, you realize the incredible talent Emmanuel has within.

Its unfair that Emmanuel has had such a hard life. He deserves all the happiness in the world and we think he has a wonderful voice. Now that the world has heard him sing, we hope he is able to reach his dreams and more!

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