Her Dying Son Made A Heart Shattering Request She Didn’t Want But Couldn’t Refuse

Chen Xiaotian was only 5 years old when doctors discovered he had a malignant brain tumor. Mother Zhou Lu was understandably very upset but there was not much the doctors could do – even though they caught it early, the disease continued to spread and doctors said he wouldn’t reach past his teens. It was at this time that Zhou also discovered she had a terrible kidney disease.

Chen eventually lost his sight as the tumor pressed against his optic nerve, he also became confined to his bed. His condition worsened until the doctors said it was only a matter of a couple days before Chen would pass away.

The doctors discovered that mother Zhou could fully recover with a new kidney and Chen was a perfect match. When Zhou found out, she strongly refused to even think about it as her little boy lay dying, but Chen overheard and made up his own mind.

He confronted his mother and demanded that he gave her his kidney – he wanted to save her life. She finally gave in and decided “if her son was to die, her only consolation was that part of him would live on in her.”

Chen passed away a day after. The doctors all bowed to him before moving on with the organ transplant to show their respect for such a brave young boy.

A few hours after he passed, doctors gave Zhou her son’s kidney, but she wasn’t the only one to be rescued by his selfless act. His other kidney went to a 21 year old girl and his liver was given to a 27 year old man, both strangers that he helped.

We admire Chen, a brave 7 year old boy, for his courage and strength in the face of death. He loved his mom so much and he wanted to give her the best life he could before leaving. Watch the short 2 minute video below to see this heartbreaking but very touching moment in their lives.

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