He’s Surrounded By 3 Beautiful Brides But He’s Not Marrying A Single One. I’m Speechless.

Kelvin Peters stood next to three beautiful brides. He wasn’t going to marry any of them. Does that sound strange? It should. His reason is a lot deeper.

Kelvin tragically only has a few months to live and he decided on his final wish. He knew he wouldn’t get the chance to see his three young daughters get married, so he wanted to arrange something special for them and have one wedding dance with each one of them.

With a lot of hard work, support and love from his family, his daughters Kaitlin, Kendle and Isabella managed to make his wish come true.

Make sure you grab a tissue before you watch this.

There wasn’t a dry eye in sight and I’m definitely tearing up too. This was such a loving thing for the whole family to come together and create a memory that can never be erased.

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