She Wanted To Look Prettier But What Happened Next To Her Body Shocked Me To My Core

A brave girl recently shared a first-hand video of a secret that she kept from a lot of people. It started when she was dissatisfied with how she looked. She wanted to look “better”… but disaster struck before she even realized.

Watch this incredible video below. Please be warned that some images are shocking as this is a real account of what happened.

This sweet and gentle girl suffered from a very serious case of anorexia nervosa. Eating disorders like this affect 20 million women and 10 million men in the US alone. Every day, unobtainable standards of beauty are pushed into our face by fashion and TV/movie industries, it’s easy for kids and adults to lose track of what beauty really is.

It’s important to love and respect every healthy body type and to encourage each other, especially vulnerable teenagers, to love the body they have. True beauty comes from the heart and we respect this brave girl for sharing her journey and struggles with us.

I’m feeling hopeful that this strong young woman will bounce back from her battle and her story will help others facing similar battles. What do you think of her video? Does it remind you of people you know who have similar struggles?

If you were touched by this, please share it. You never know who might stumble upon this and inspire them to find help.