These Tattooed Seniors Answer The Burning Question: Does It Look Terrible In 40 Years?

No matter what you think about tattoos, you should see this. For everyone who has a tattoo or thinking of getting one, you’ve probably asked yourself: ‘How will this look once I’m older?’ Will you still like the tattoo, the style, the colors? And most importantly – what if the skin starts to… *gasp* sag?

These seniors recently opened up and revealed their answer to this question in an eye-opening way. Take a look for yourself!

1. When deciding to get a tattoo, it’s hard not to think about what it’ll look like when you get older. Maybe 40 years from now.
When deciding to get a tattoo, it's hard not to think about what your piece will look like when you get older.

2. But doesn’t this look amazing? I think this wins instant respect from the grandkids.
But doesn't this look awesome?

3. How about this?
And this?

4. Not your average grandpa!
And a face like this?

5. That’s a next level neck tat.
And this neck?

6. Your tattoo is like a piece of your identity that you can carry around everywhere without being afraid of losing it.
Carrying your art with you can bring so much confidence.

7. Each tattoo tells it’s own unique story.
So baller.

8. Sure there are warnings like that they’ll get saggy.
Like that they'll get saggy.

9. Or you’ll get sick of seeing the same thing on yourself.
Or you'll tire of them.

10. Plus, there’s the question of looking professional and getting a job? But hey, you decide when to show ’em off and when to cover them up.
There's also the question of how you'll ever look professional again?

11. Bonus: No one will ever want to fight you.
And no one will ever pick a fight with you.

12. And sleeves will always look gorgeous.
And sleeves will always look beautiful.

13. Of course, you can always cover up when you want to.
And you can cover full-body pieces when you want to.

14. Maybe you’ll add to them or take them away. It’s up to you.
And maybe you'll add to them or take them away when the time feels right...

15. But your tattoos will always be part of you.
But they'll always be a part of you.

16. So next time you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, remember this.
Just do it.

No matter whether you’ve got a tattoo, thinking of getting a tattoo or tattoo-less, the main thing is to be confident in yourself and have the freedom to express yourself however you want.

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