They Called Her ‘Fatty’ And ‘Disgusting,’ So She Did This To Silence Her Haters For Good

Whitney Thore struggled with years of eating disorders and self-confidence issues brought on by a medical condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Before PCOS, she was a slim young girl who loved dancing but after she became ill, her body rapidly gained weight and there wasn’t much Whitney could do. She was ridiculed by people around her and called horrible names that tore like daggers in her heart. She came to a breaking point when she decided it was time to fight back with love.

Whitney created a video series called “A Fat Girl Dancing” and it’s her way of expressing herself while challenging others to reconsider how they think of people around them.

What do you think? Make sure you check out the blooper reel at the end!

After facing so many hurtful words, Whitney is an incredible brave woman to post a video like this. She says she “desperately wanted to have a body that gave her permission to do the things she loved, like dance in public, and a body that gave her permission to outwardly be the person she was inside: a confident, quirky woman with endless goals and dreams.” But rather than let her body hold her back, Whitney decided to go and live the life she wanted.

Her “A Fat Girl Dancing” series quickly went viral spurring the creation of Whitney’s “No Body Shame” campaign. She’s committed to staying active and positive about herself while reminding other women that they are defined by who they are, not how society perceives them.

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