A Whole Town Secretly Learned Sign Language To Surprise Their Deaf Friend

Muaharrem is a young, deaf man from Istanbul, Turkey. Life is difficult as you can imagine but his sister is about to change that.

His sister, Ozlem, managed to team up with a production crew to give him a huge shock. They spent a month setting up hidden cameras around his neighborhood and teaching his neighbors sign language. I didn’t know where they were going with this at first but once I understood, I couldn’t stop watching.

Watch the video below and see if you agree with me.

When Muaharrem loses it, it’s clear this is one of the most meaningful things anyone has ever done for him. Though this video is an ad for Samsung’s new video call center for the hearing impaired, the story and emotions are real. This will be a real help for Muaharrem and other people suffering from impaired hearing.

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