This 14 Year Old Boy Is Bullied For How He Looks. He Shocked Everyone When He Did This…

Austin Niehus is in many ways your typical 14 year old boy. A kid who loves basketball, football, reading and hanging out. But Austin also suffers from Goldenhar syndrome, a rare condition that causes a birth defect of the face and head.

He was born deaf and without an ear, doctors told his family that he wouldn’t live to see his first birthday. But Austin is a fighter!

He’s already had 52 different surgeries but Austin says there’s something that hurts him more. Every day at school, he’s bullied by his fellow students. Instead of keeping quiet about it, he’s made a video to share with you. You see, he’s waiting for his 53rd surgery but it’s not covered by insurance. His mom, a single mother of three, is under huge financial stress and Austin made this to help her out…

To support Austin, please go to his site or check out his Facebook page for more updates.

Despite having a difficult life so far with facing daily bullies and spending lots of time at the hospital and in surgery, Austin has an incredible spirit. He reminds us all that “God made us exactly how we’re supposed to be” and “no one should be ashamed of how they look”.

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