Employees Perplexed As BabyFaced Man Comes To Work… SHAVEN

Employees at a well-known large corporation plunged into utter confusion and chaos this morning after a babyfaced colleague came into work with a clean shaven look.

Mr. Bob LaObamas, 24, usually sports a rugged beard look, but today decided to come in clean.


Colleague Sarah Lee said: “Today he seems to have decided it’s 2003 again. He walked through the door and we all went quiet. It was like a thin stranger had walked into a gathering of fat people eating cake.

“Then, he just said ‘good morning’ as if his face was perfectly acceptable.”

She added: “I don’t really know what’s happening to him. Rumours swirling around have it he’s 24, but honestly he looks like he’s 12.”

Office manager Elsy Dag said: “I hope everything’s alright at home.”

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