He Hasn’t Kissed His Wife In Over 10 Years. The Reason Why Left Me Gasping

Donnie Fritts is in love and married to his wife… but he hasn’t kissed her for over a decade. If that sounds weird, then I’m with you. This is his story.

Donnie is a survivor – a cancer survivor. He suffered from Ameloblastic Carcinoma, an aggressive and rare cancer which he had removed 10 years ago. However, it came at a cost. The doctors told him that he could survive, but in order to remove the cancer, he would lose his nose, part of his forehead, part of the frontal lobe, upper palate, top lip and all of the center of his face.

Watch the short video below to see what happened to him.

Since that video was made, Donnie was fitted with an artificial face and nose. The first face he received failed as his body rejected it. But after another attempt, a new face seemed to work.


And since his new face complete with nose and upper lip, he’s been able to give his loving wife the kiss she deserves!


While Donnie still faces a lot of challenges and complications with his new face, we admire his courage and strength to share his story. It’s a continuing journey for Donnie and we wish him and his wife all the best!

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