He’s Rich But The Reason This Restaurant Won’t Serve Him Has Me Gobsmacked

Josh wants to show us something and he does it in a drastic way. He wants us to see first-hand how judgments can impact our lives.

He dresses up as a homeless man and has cameras follow him as he tries to eat at a fancy restaurant. He gets kicked out even though he shows he’s got the cash to pay. When he comes back an hour later in a Ferrari, the restaurant staff don’t recognize him at first but when they do… WOW.

Watch this and see if you agree with him.

We understand that restaurants have to right to refuse service but in my opinion, isn’t this discrimination? Just like a restaurant can’t refuse entry based off someone’s race or gender, it seems like it’s accepted that people can judge based off your wealth.

The ultimate message of this video is it’s easy to judge and make snap judgments. I do it, you do it. But just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s right. We hope this video inspires you to be more thoughtful when you interact with others that you come across.

What do you think? How would you react if you worked at the restaurant?

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