A Mother Hugs Her Daughter’s KILLER In Court. The Reason Why? I Can’t Believe It

Ady’s daughter was shot at point blank range two years ago. She was hit in the neck and died on the spot. This is a tragedy that sadly some parents have to bear but Ady’s response is very unusual.

On the day of the sentencing of her daughter’s killer, she got up and HUGGED him. That sounds so strange but her reason is much deeper.

Watch this short video and see if you agree with her.

I can’t even pretend to imagine what Ady had to endure with the loss of her child but I’m struck by her actions. It’s hard to imagine how any parent could hug their child’s killer but Ady saw an opportunity to help her community and to make sure her daughter didn’t die in vain.

What do you think about Ady’s actions? Do you think this is honorable and brave or do you think justice and hard jail-time should still be served? Could you do the same if you were in her position?

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