Police Found A Pregnant Woman’s Family Sleeping In A Car And Simply Stunned Them

Robert Wood, his heavily pregnant wife and their kids moved back to their hometown but they didn’t have a place to stay. To save some money, they decided to rough it out by sleeping in the car for the night.

However, Police Officer David Natt pulled up and knocked on the window. The family inside prepared to be kicked out or even arrested, but what happened next really stunned me.

Police officers are mostly in the news only when bad things happen. It’s refreshing to see good news shine. Officer David Natt said:

“Any of us could be right where this family were at… it doesn’t take much. And like I told the family, you give them an opportunity to gain a bit of time. A little bit of time is so valuable, and it’s so meaningful to them. It’s part of our three-word motto: protect, serve and care. And you have to take each one of those in all circumstances to heart when you’re making your decision.”

This officer acted with love and compassion to take care of this family in need. Please share this inspiring story with your friends and family today.