She Fed Some Hungry Kids Stranded In The Rain. She Never Knew It Would Lead To This

She looked out the window and saw a couple kids huddled together under a tree to escape a thunderstorm. She didn’t know who’s kids they were but they were cold, wet and hungry so she took them in and fed them. But she was completely unaware it would lead to this…

Watch this short video below.

An amazing act of kindness has grown to the entire community. Where kids used to go hungry because they didn’t have school-provided lunches, these children are now fed and supported. You probably wouldn’t imagine America as a land where people go hungry, but according to No Kid Hungry, almost 50 million people don’t have enough nutritious food daily, and 16.2 million of those people are children. Hopefully acts like this in the video can help reduce that number day by day.

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