She Recorded Her Teacher Bullying A Student But The School Responds Like This. So Crazy!

Brianna Cooper saw a fellow student being bullied so she took her phone out to film the attack. Unfortunately for her though, the bully was the teacher.

Brianna believed the teacher was speaking inappropriately to her fellow student, being threatening and using bullying tactics. She had complained before and no teachers listened to her so this time, she wanted some evidence. She recorded her teacher threatening to “drop” a student among other threats. But when the school heard about it, it was Brianna who was immediately suspended!

The school said Brianna was suspended as the classroom is considered private and therefore it’s illegal to record without permission from all parties. I can see where the school is trying to protect it’s students’ privacy but while Brianna was immediately suspended, there was no investigation or consequences for the teacher.

Watch the video to see the shocking footage that Brianna captured in class.

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