She Refused To Give Up On Her Husband In A Coma. 3 Months Later, His First Words Surprised Everyone

Matt and Danielle Davis are a happily married couple however 7 months into their marriage, tragedy struck that would shake the foundations of their life.

Matt was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident that left him with a severe brain injury. He was in a coma and on life support. Doctors told his wife and family that there was a 90% chance he would never wake up and they recommended they take him off life support.

Danielle knew in her heart that it was not yet time for her husband to go, so she refused…

This is a picture story of the beautiful couple, Matt and Danielle.
matt-davis-recovery-1Matt & Danielle Davis

Matt was in a coma and was on life support. Doctors said he had a 10% chance to survive.
matt2Matt & Danielle Davis

Three months into his coma – a miracle happened! Matt woke up! He wasn’t able to communicate or move but he was conscious. He was discharged from the hospital and was brought back home.

“During that time he showed little progress and was discharged from the hospital to our home where my mom and I cared for him 24/7. Feeding tube, adult ‘briefs’, sponge baths, over 20 medications, physical therapy, turning him every 2 hrs to prevent bed sores,” Danielle says.

Danielle and her mom cared for Matt 24/7 at home.
matt3Matt & Danielle Davis

One day, Danielle casually asked Matt what he wanted to eat. To her greatest surprise, Matt managed to whisper “Buffalo chicken wrap from Cheddar’s.” Danielle screamed with joy and she knew that Matt was coming back – it was his favorite food before the accident!

Matt started to write again.
matt4Matt & Danielle Davis

After three months working with therapists, his condition improved significantly. He was able to talk, laugh, joke around, eat and drink independently, use the bathroom with minimal assistance, use his wheelchair and walk with assistance.

Sadly, he still struggles with his memory from before the accident. He can’t remember his relationship with Danielle or their wedding day, but Danielle has a lot of hope and faith.

Matt began to take yoga classes with Danielle.
matt5Matt & Danielle Davis

Watch this short 1 minute video on Matt’s story:

Matt and Danielle are both looking forward to living a full life together as husband and wife.
matt6Matt & Danielle Davis

This is a strong and united couple!
matt7Matt & Danielle Davis

I’m amazed by the strength of Matt to overcome so many obstacles. I’m equally amazed by Danielle and her unconditional love for Matt. Even though Matt is unable to remember their relationship, Danielle is committed to rebuilding their marriage and working towards the future together.

You can learn more about Matt’s recovery on his Facebook page. If you feel inspired from their story, please also consider making a donation to help support Matthew and Danielle on their GoFundMe page. At the time of writing, they are $43,000 short of their target for medical bills and a trainer to help his recovery.

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