This Bus Driver Was About To Die But What He Did Before Makes Me Respect Him Forever

A huge story is going around China and for an amazing reason. A bus driver suffered tragic injuries when a piece of stray metal smashed through his windshield and hit him in the arm and chest. There was nothing the driver could do to avoid the metal but what he did afterwards is incredible.

Although he knew he was seriously injured, driver Wu Bin was able to shift the gears to neutral, stop the bus safely and get up from his seat to help the passengers to stay calm. As the bus was on the highway, Wu Bin was worried that passengers would get off the bus into traffic.

Most people would’ve simply worried on their own injuries but Wu Bin’s selflessness is truly admirable and he should be remembered as a hero.

Share this man’s incredibly selfless actions with your friends and family today. Undoubtedly a hero amongst men. RIP Wu Bin.