This Woman Seems Like The Photo’s Subject, But Look Past Her. The Truth Is Disgusting

Photographer Haley Morris-Cafiero has been taking photos of interesting people for a long time. But recently she’s been taking photos of herself… but it’s not her that she wants you to see.

You see, Haley has faced a lot of judgement and prejudice because of her size. She created a series called Wait Watchers where people, who don’t realize they’re on camera, can be seen in the background giving her strange/dirty looks or laughing at her.

The photo that started it all. Here, a man sneers at Morris-Cafiero as she sits on the steps. What he didn't know was that she ended up seeing him, too.

This is the photo that started it all. Haley noticed a man sneering at her as she sits on the steps. What he didn’t know was that she ended up seeing him, too.

Haley isn’t doing anything strange in her photos but she gets a lot of strange looks.

The photos are taken on a self-timing camera and Haley goes about a normal activity like talking on the phone or appearing to wait for someone.

“We all know that haters are going to be haters, but as I celebrate myself, I hope you learn to love and celebrate yourself as well.”

Her work has gone viral online with a lot of supportive comments and as usual, a lot of hateful comments too. However, Haley says shes determined to continue her photo series to show what she has to deal with. She says, “I don’t care what anybody thinks about my body and I’m perfectly fine with it.”

She’s got bucketfuls of confidence and strength – we admire her for it! You can see more of her images on her site as well as Instagram.

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