Cops Pulled Him Over on Their First Date. 2 Years Later They Pull Him Over Again, But This Time…

2 years ago, a young man taking out a girl on their first date was pulled over by the police. However, on this police dashcam, it turns out two years later, the same guy is pulled over again with the same girlfriend…

What do you think about this?

This just caught everyone by surprise! Would you have liked it if this happened to you? We normally hear bad news about police on the news so it’s refreshing to see a good story!

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A police dash cam video description tells the beginning of the couple’s story:

On April 17, 2013, a young man was pulled over by a Royal Oak Police officer while on his first date with a young woman.
CBS Detroit fills in more details, explaining that while the Royal Oak Police Department asked that no names be given, they did answer some questions about what happened next.

Recruited to be part of the young man’s big plan, the cops were happy, two years later, to play their part in making the traffic stop seem very real. This helped him catch his girlfriend by complete surprise with his bended-knee proposal.