Man Buys a Car For $60,000 At An Auction. Then He Hands the Keys to Someone He’s Never Met…

Steve Wells, a successful local man, purchased the former police service car of a fallen deputy at an auction for $60,000. But instead of keeping the car for himself, Steve immediately handed the keys off to a complete stranger. Sounds like a very expensive gift but the true reason is so deep.

Watch the short video and see the incredible reason behind this.

Steve didn’t just hand the keys to just anybody – he handed it to the former deputy’s son, Tanner Brownlee. When Tanner was only 15 years old, his father Deputy Sam Brownlee was killed in a police chase. In the years that went by, Tanner has tried to accumulate as many pieces of his dad’s life that he could find.

When Tanner’s dad’s old police car came up for an auction, he set his sights on securing it. He set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to help him bid on the car. However, during the bidding, it soon reached a whopping $60,000 when Steve Wells bid. As soon as Steve won and was handed the keys, he turned to Tanner and said, “Tanner, here’s your car.” Tanner melted into tears as he accepted the man’s gracious gift.


This story struck such a deep chord in my heart. We hope this message of generosity and love for a fellow human inspires you today.

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