He Secretly Films His Mom Sunbathing, When He Posts It Online, This Is Unbelievable

Alex decided to film his mother while she was sunbathing and put it online for others to see. If that sounds weird, then I agree with you… but he has a reason for it.

You see, Alex’s mother Eva is single and has been for a while. All Alex wants is for her to meet someone to share her life with and grow old together. As he puts it, “deep inside, we all want the same thing: to love, and be loved.”

So unknown to his mom, Alex created this… what do you think?

Alex’s plan was to put this video on YouTube with an email address – icouldbeadam@gmail.com – and just see what happens. The power is now in your hands. Will you help spread this message of love all over the world? Will you help Eva find her soulmate?

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