He Was Caught On Camera Breaking Into A Car. Sounds Terrible But I’m Totally With Him

This guy was caught on camera breaking into a car. Sounds wrong and you might be silently (or perhaps loudly) cursing this guy right now but don’t… in fact, he’s my hero. His reason just stunned me.


You see, the man breaking in is ex-soldier Michael Hammons – he noticed something inside the car on the boiling hot day. When he looked closer, he saw that the car owners had locked a dog inside! Michael knew the dog wouldn’t last long in the extreme heat so he took part of his wife’s wheelchair to smash the window and rescue the dog.


In a bizarre twist, the dog’s owners have demanded authorities take action against Michael for damage against their property. Michael was arrested and later bailed. The car owners were charged with leaving their dog inside a hot car.

Michael said that he had seen a lot of death and destruction in his life as a soldier which has left him suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder. He didn’t want a senseless death to occur if he could help it and if he came across the same situation again, he would do exactly the same thing.

We hope the judge is understanding over Michael’s intentions as we believe he did the right thing to save the dog’s life.

Good on you Michael Hammons, you’re a good man.

Share this with your friends and family today and please spread the word – it may help Michael’s defense for the judge to know there are many people on his side.