Pizza Hut Worker Thought It Was A Normal Order Until She Read The Chilling Special Instructions

It was just a normal day at Pizza Hut for restaurant manager Candy Hamilton when a peculiar order came in the system. It was a basic pepperoni pizza but the special instructions immediately stopped her in her tracks. The order ticket read:

It said “Please help! Get 911 to me.” And in the special ingredients, there was another line that said “911 hostage help”.

Unknown to the restaurant manager at the time, it turns out that mom Cheryl Treadway was taken hostage by her boyfriend, who was holding her and her 3 children at knifepoint.

Cheryl was desperate for help and managed to trick her boyfriend to let her order pizza for the hungry kids. She quickly input her secret message and as soon as she completed the transaction, her boyfriend snatched the phone back from her.

The restaurant manager knew something was very wrong – she recognized the name and address as a frequent customer so she knew it wasn’t a prank. She quickly called 911, hostage negotiator Lt. Curtis Ludden was quick to arrive on the scene.

Along with the support of the police, they were able to get the boyfriend to give himself up without anyone getting hurt. He’s been arrested and put in jail.

You can see more of this story in the short 2 minute news clip below:

Fortunately for this mom and restaurant manager’s quick thinking, many lives were spared today. We’re glad mom and the children are safe now and unharmed.

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