When A Pregnant Mom Suffers A Fatal Stroke, Doctors Take A Huge ‘Leap of Faith’ To Save Her Baby

Karla Perez was looking forward to starting a new family after she found out she was pregnant with a baby boy. However, out of the blue, disaster struck.

One day, Karla had a terrible headache which quickly turned into a massive stroke. She was taken straight to hospital where doctors decided to keep her alive on life support to continue her pregnancy. There was another SEVEN weeks before the baby was due.

“There is nothing in the books about how to provide medical care in this situation,” said Dr. Todd Lovgren. “We took a leap of faith that Karla’s tragedy would turn into a healthy delivery, and baby Angel is the result of that.”

Baby Angel was finally born after 30 weeks and 3 days, at 2 pounds 12 ounces. He remains under observation of the nurses and the loving care of Karla’s family, like his grandmother Berta Jimenez.



Sadly, just days after giving birth, Karla’s health began to decline and she passed away peacefully. But not only is her baby alive due to her will to hold on, but because of her, four other lives were saved that day because she was an organ donor.

Only 15 babies have ever been born in this situation, with Karla’s pregnancy, while on life support, one of the longest. Baby Angel is truly a miracle.

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