Soldier Wakes Up Confused On The Couch Of A Stranger And Finds A Note In His Hand

A soldier named Wayne, unfortunately, after having a bit too much to drink decided to have a nap outside.

The next morning, Wayne woke up dazed on a random couch with a note:

The note reads:

“Wayne, You are F***** up. No worries, you were not kidnapped. I found you outside of Red Lion with some cops. You were going to be arrested/taken to the hospital so we took you back to my room. We talked to Ryan — he hasn’t responded yet but you can crash here. Please don’t steal anything or whatever. I’m asleep in the room upstairs with the door painted like patrick star.

Thanks for your service.”

Wayne slept it off in a safe place and was given something else that’s maybe even more valuable and needed:

“This restores my faith in humanity. Though I was a complete stranger, he came to my aid” Wayne said.

If we’re honest, everyone makes mistakes but a stranger providing some help to man in the Armed Forces in a time of need is definitely admirable! The truth is we need to help more of our brave soldiers once they come home to help them resettle back in.

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