After This Son Found Out The Heartbreaking Reason His Mom Missed Her Prom, He Chose To Change That

When a son found out the real reason his mom wasn’t ever able to attend prom, he decided to show his love by asking her to go with him to his.

The ecstatic mother, Belinda Smith, never had the opportunity because she didn’t have the money to go after her own mother suddenly died. She was left as the responsible child to take care of her siblings and so luxuries like the prom had to be missed.


“Every day after school leading up to prom I cried,” Belinda said. “I just wanted to go so bad. From there, I said ‘When I have kids, my kids are going to prom.’ I wanted them to have what I didn’t have.”

When her son was asked about why he did it, he explained that it ‘just felt right’ and that he felt it would be ‘sweet’ to ask her.

It definitely made an impact in her life: “I’m still elated. I’m just so happy that he wanted to share his day with me.” She shared this tweet:

Talk about a way to show how your love for your mother and what she means to you. Way to go!

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