This Wife Found A New Woman For Her Husband. Sounds So Wrong But I’m With Her

Clare and John are a picture perfect happy couple. Their friends described them as happy and cheerful, especially when they’re with each other. They have two kids but one day, she made a decision. She wanted her husband to have a NEW wife…

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Clare wasn’t sick of her husband or their relationship. You see, Clare found out from her doctor that she had motor neuron disease and her time left was very short.

She knew her kids would need a mother figure and she felt her husband deserved to have a partner to go through life together. So from her hospital bed, she started setting up dates for her husband.


Her husband was not ready to find new love – he was still madly in love with his wife. He gamely went on the dates to show that he appreciated her efforts and her true love for him. But what he really wanted was to spend every moment with her and that they did.

Clare passed away a few months afterwards and made her husband, John, promise that he would find a new wife and a mother for their kids. Though it pained Clare to say those words, she put her feelings aside so that her family could have what’s best for them.

As time passed, John finally found a new wonderful woman who would help him fulfill his wife’s dying wish. He met Julie who has two kids of her own that are the same age. After some time of knowing each other, John and Julie got married and they are now a happy family together.

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It’s truly loving for Clare to use her dying wish to make sure her husband was happy again and her kids well taken care of. This really takes a lot of bravery and selflessness and we salute her.

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