A Message To the “Ugly” Lady Who Just Got Married – I Really Hope You Read This

When this lady posted a photo of her recent wedding, she thought she was just sharing a photo of a treasured moment. For most people, their wedding is one of the happiest days of their life, publicly declaring their union and commitment to their partner and best friend. For this lady, it was no different – she posted a photo online of her and her new husband with the tagline:

“I know I’m not a pretty girl but I’ve never been so happy in my life”

She had no idea the reaction she was going to get online…

Usually the internet is full of trolls and hate comments. But almost instantly after posting the photo, she started to receive a lot of comments – so many that it took the photo to the front page of Imgur, a popular photo sharing site. But the most stunning part of all? What people wrote…

“I see someone in that photo who thinks you’re the prettiest girl in the world.”

“Pretty is a genetic accident. Being loved is something you earn. Congratulations!”


There were hundreds of comments encouraging her and making her feel amazing. But as it’s the internet, not everyone was as loving, there were a small number of negative comments too. But the newly wed wife has words for the haters too: ‘Have a nice day!’

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