Baby Gets Glasses And Sees Mom and Dad Clearly for First Time. Her Reaction Says It All

A heartwarming video recently released shows the moment baby girl Piper sees her parents clearly for the first time. And it is nothing less than amazing.

Watch the short video for yourself here:

Piper’s mom, Jessica, shared their story on Facebook:

“She hasn’t crawled yet, and I thought maybe there was something wrong with her eyesight so I took her to a doctor. She is +7.00 in one eye and +5.00 in the other. The doctor said that is more than likely why she hasn’t crawled.”

While Piper didn’t like the glasses at first resting on her head, as soon as she saw her parents’ faces clearly for the very first time, she smiled like there was no tomorrow. It’s a smile that certainly melted mom’s heart and ours too!

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