Officer Busts A Woman For Shoplifting But Lets Her Go Because He Sees This. Unbelievable.

A police officer in Kansas was called when a woman was caught red handed while shoplifting. However, when the officer showed up at the Wal-mart where it happened, he took one look at her then let her go. Sounds odd? It should.

You see, the woman shoplifting was a mother of six who had fallen down on her luck after her husband passed away. She was caught stealing diapers and baby wipes. When officer Mark Engravalle turned up, he saw the woman’s kids; dirty, barefoot, and crying in fear that Officer Engravalle was going to arrest their mother.

Screen Shot: YouTube

Instead of arresting the mother, he decided to take care of her and her kids. He purchased the items she attempted to steal and even bought a pair of shoes for each of her kids.

Screen Shot: YouTube

Officer Engravalle did have to write the mother a citation but as a father himself, he just knew he couldn’t let her walk out empty handed.

Watch the short video of the story here:

We salute you Officer Engravalle. It goes to show there are still good people out there, we’re proud of him!

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