People Avoided This Homeless Guy At Starbucks Until A Stranger Decided To Do This

Eric went for a quick coffee at Starbucks when he noticed a dirty and smelly man walk in and sit down. People started to roll their eyes and stare at him with disgust. Some people even moved away. But Eric decided to do something different. He writes about it on his Facebook post below:


Eric had a deep and moving encounter with the homeless man and it didn’t take long for people to take notice of his actions. At the time of writing this, his post has over 540 thousand likes and has been shared almost 215 thousand times. Eric was able to see the human side of the man sitting across him – he was no longer just a figure but a person with a life, a background and a heart.

This is a reminder why it’s so important not to judge a book by it’s cover – you never really know a person’s story just by looking at them.

Share this wonderful example of kindness with your friends and family today. We hope it has inspired you and made your day a little brighter.