The Groom Kissed A Woman In Front Of The Bride. Seconds Later, The Bride Was in Tears

When Luke and Kristeena decided to tie the knot, they spent months planning a wonderful wedding that they’d enjoy. However, Luke had a surprise that his new bride had no idea about.

Luke’s mom suffers from ALS, the disease behind the ice bucket challenges, and it meant that she was wheelchair bound and unable to dance with Luke. However, what Luke did for his mom truly moved everyone in attendance that day.

Watch this for yourself:

Kristeena broke down in tears at the love between Luke and his mom. She said “This was probably the most touching moment I have ever witnessed. When my husband danced with his mother, there was no a dry eye in the house.”

It turned out to be the last dance that Luke would ever share with his mom as she passed away shortly after. But Luke and Kristeena are both happy that her husband got to share that special moment with his mother one last time.

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