This Guy Found a Trap Door In His New Apartment. What’s Inside Is Straight Up Creepy.

When moving into a new studio apartment, this guy didn’t expect to stumble onto a hidden secret. Although the apartment used to be part of an old 19th Century English monastery, it was completely renovated…or so he thought. There are approximately 30 apartments inside and this tiny studio was a steal at the cheap price.

This is the apartment as you walk in…

First things first. Wifi and Playstation was set up.

Because of the high ceilings, the bed was in a very unique place.

A loft stretched out over the kitchen, making it nice and cozy.

The bathroom is on the first floor but…

Hang on.. What’s this?

Looks like a hatch. This wasn’t in the lease.

What’s inside?

Oh, a bit of underfloor storeage for some tools and old paint cans. Pretty unexciting. Right?

Hang on a second…

This can’t be true, that’s definitely a staircase.

We have a dungeon. I repeat, we have a dungeon. At first glance, it seemed to run under the whole building. Time to get some help.

Once a brave exploring companion was found, it was time to delve into the depths. The hatch led to a 19th century layout of corridors and hatches beneath.

To the right of the corridor, directly underneath the neighbor’s room.

Friend examining the end of the corridor. It stretches further, she said. She was a brave one.

A possible secret room in between apartments (in the ceiling of the corridor).

Room with a vaulted ceiling leading to more darkness.

Random graffiti. People have been here….recently.

The basement space is beautiful. Four walls, albeit a bit damp, and a somewhat solid floor. Great headroom down here.

Curious shape in the corner. Bed, or crypt, it’ll make a good seat for a potential home cinema, or else for a dungeon party.

Furnishings. Sacrificial altar? Who knows what went on down there…

There’s a hole in the middle of the room, with very soft dirt. Possibly recently disturbed. I’m not sure what those fragments are…

The scary stairs leading back up to the apartment.

I don’t know about you but secret dungeons, corridors, rooms and doors make any home perfect – there’s a certain charm. As long as there’s only one way in… here’s hoping he doesn’t get any creepy visitors in the night!

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