Two Kids Were Playing At Home When They Made A Terrifying Discovery…

Most people think that they are safe inside their own homes. However this story just proves that even that isn’t always true. Two boys were playing rough in their parents room when they made a horrifying discovery. This would chill any homeowner down to their very core.

The house was built in the early 2000s – the original owners built the house and sold it recently. This picture shows the parents’ room. There was nothing to suggest there was anything weird about it…yet.

The family’s two sons were horsing around and bumped into a bookshelf while playing. They always assumed it was just built into the wall but it creaked opened up eerily.

That movable bookshelf revealed a secret staircase. So the boys went down…bad idea.

The tall, spiral staircase seemed to lead downward directly into a wall – pointless right?

But halfway down, there was a crawlspace. It looked empty but if you crawled in…

Inside, the two boys found the most terrifying thing: evidence that someone was living there. In their own walls. Those empty candy wrappers were once in the boys room – meaning someone had gone into their rooms and brought it here.

Whoever was living there had small objects with them. This elephant was hidden under the blankets.

They also had a key that unlocked something that only God knows.

There were also a bunch of creepy dolls hidden in the room.

Because every creepy stranger living secretly inside of your walls need dolls with soulless eyes.

The police are still on the hunt for the individual that was living in their walls. Since there was food there from the house, it seemed that the mystery person came and went as he or she pleased. There was a small pile of clothes around the bedding too. Good luck falling asleep tonight.

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