Here’s Something You Need To Know Next Time You Pass in Front of A Truck

Semi-truck driver, Eric Boling Bracey, posted what he calls as a public service announcement recently.

His mission: To show people how difficult it is to stop a semi-truck and what fellow drivers on the road should or should not do when they encounter a large tractor-trailer.

According to Eric, it takes 414 feet of road for a 10 foot, 44,000 pound semi-truck to come to a complete stop when going 60 miles per hour.

He explains “I’m telling you this so that the next time you’re on the road, on the express way, and you see a truck, don’t pull in front of it and hit your breaks. Because you could die. And I would have to live with the fact that I killed somebody.”

Another tip Eric wants you to know is if you’re coming off an exit ramp and a semi-truck in coming down the road you’re merging into, either hit the gas or hit the brakes because a truck can’t move, but you can.

Remembering these important tips on the road will make the roads a safer place for cars and trucks alike.

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