He’s About To Rape A Girl He Met On Facebook. But Watch What Happens When Her PARENTS Show Up!

These teenage girls are about to meet a male stranger in the night time… and their parents allowed it. Sound strange? The reason is a lot deeper than it might seem.

In the US, there are over 750,000 registered child sex offenders. Predators use Facebook to connect with vulnerable teenagers, building trust but with dark motives in mind.

To prove just how alarming this is, YouTube filmmaker Coby Persin creates a social experiment with the permission of the teenagers’ parents. He creates a fake Facebook profile and arranges to meet up and get them into a van. Sounds horrible but we think the outcome may shock and surprise you.

Be sure to watch it to the end, especially the 3rd girl…

Was this what you expected? If you were the parents of these teenagers, would you have reacted the same way or would you have done something differently?

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