One Online Blunder Jeopardized This Guy’s Marriage. Don’t Make The Same Mistake

Online privacy breaches are getting more and more common and it gets to a point where they can ruin real lives.

This guy found out the hard way…

“6 years ago when I was in my early 20’s, I was fresh out of a relationship and wanted to try online dating.

Plenty Of Fish and Ok Cupid were the go-to places at the time. I saw an ad for Ashley Madison (a website dedicated to help married people have affairs) and thought I’d check it out.

As soon as I signed up, I realized that it was a pay site, and since I was a broke 20 something, I left it alone. I tried to delete it but I didn’t want to pay and since I had no activity on my account I didn’t think there would be much harm in just letting it go inactive and die. I would start to get spam emails so I would just unsubscribe and go about my day.

Fast forward 6 years, I’m engaged and my wedding is in 3 weeks.

When I first heard about the hack, I didn’t register what was happening, because in my mind I didn’t have an account and it was never active anyways. I got an email yesterday from a reporter asking me if he could ask me some questions because he pulled my email from the hack list. I was floored.

I’ve talked to a class-action lawyer that is going after Ashley Madison for damages. To make matters worse I have to tell my future wife that I just got outed for being signed up to an infidelity website. My wedding is in three weeks!

Lesson of the day: the Internet never forgets.”

This guy better hope his future wife is understanding! While he never cheated on his wife, one could argue he should never have signed up to unethical websites that could tarnish him in the first place. Or is it the website’s fault for getting hacked? Let us know your thoughts in the Facebook comments.

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