Her Daughter Was Suspended For Standing Up To A Bully. But Mom Never Expected It Was For This

A school girl was suspended from school by the principal for saying something during class that he didn’t agree with. But in reality, she was standing up against bullying. Here’s the story from her mother:

“I picked my daughter up from school today because she got suspended and I asked the principal what happened and he said “she was talking about something she shouldn’t even know about and it’s wrong for her to know it. You should be ashamed of yourself for teaching her.” He didn’t say what she was talking about.

So when I dropped her off at home, I asked her what happened and said “My friend was being bullied so I stood up in front of the school and said something. You would have been proud!”

After she said that, she took a nap so I didn’t get to ask her what she said. I went back up to the school and asked one of the teachers what she said and she replied back with:

“This is what my mom told me. If you look at it properly, hangman teaches you that by saying the wrong things you could end someone’s life. If you say the wrong letters in hangman the man is hung which means game over. That’s the same in real life. Some hang themselves, shoot themselves, overdose, cut too deep and even jump off high places.

The majority of suicide victims are bully victims. Suicide means killing yourself by the way. When you bully someone your words stick to them like glue. Each word, every day. Soon they start to believe the words and they can’t take it anymore so they end their lives. And that is why you should never bully someone Jason. I hope you p*ss your bed tonight!”

If they are old enough to understand death, then they are old enough to understand this.”

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